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Boosting Social Media Reach by 110% 






Tenth Man Marketing partnered with a well-established financial coaching team to develop a digital strategy for continued growth. 

Private Meeting


Capesky Inc specializes in creative tax planning ideas for business owners and those looking to transition into retirement.

They focus on their client's needs, offering comprehensive financial planning designed and developed by a team of experts to help them maximize their financial situation.


With the great wealth transfer to continue over the next few years in Canada, the goal was to move beyond the traditional referral pipeline and build a digital lead, social and content strategy that could be managed in-house.


Tenth Man Marketing helped Capesky Inc take their digital presence to the next level. By providing templates for increased reach and engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn, they empowered the company to drive more leads and enhance their social media reach by 110%. With a clear strategy in place, Capesky Inc was able to attract new customers and reach their target audience more effectively.



110% increase reach on social

Tenth Man Marketing enabled Capesky Insurance and Wealth Management Inc to achieve a 110% boost in their social media reach by providing a comprehensive series of social media templates.


Increased capacity

Capesky Inc. enhanced their capacity by utilizing a range of pre-made social media templates, guaranteeing a consistent and customer-focused message.

"We were so pleased with our experience with Tenth Man Marketing.  Catherine and her team were responsive to our priorities and immediate concerns, while also providing us with a broader framework to develop a future marketing strategy.

Using their industry benchmarks, SEO strategies, we were able to quickly implement many of their practical suggestions and useful templates to streamline our branding, improve our social media and web presence for our local and remote clients alike.  We would highly recommend Tenth Man Marketing to businesses looking to improve their market share."

Linda M. Capesky

Capesky Insurance and Wealth Management Inc. 

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