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Designing a Social Strategy for a Growing B2B Business






See how Tenth Man Marketing designed a social strategy & 1-on-1 training sessions for a growing radio communications company.




QLD stands for “Quantum Level Diversity”. The company was founded by two managers from Motorola Canada who felt they could offer a better customer experience. As a small business, QLD is able to react quickly to changing customer needs.


The two founding partners, who still operate the business, have between them over 40 years experience in the industry. They both began their careers with Motorola Canada.

QLD Communications provides radio products and services including, full radio system design, installation of mobile radios in trucks, repairs to existing communication equipment, and more.


QLD Communications was looking for a social media strategy to help them leverage social as a top-of-the-funnel marketing channel to grow their business over time.


Tenth Man Marketing designed a boutique social media marketing strategy for QLD Communications, aligning to their goals of increasing brand awareness through social. 


First, a social media audit was completed. This included an audit of QLD's current social media profiles, their key competitors, industry trends and opportunities.

Next, a full social media strategy was created with the goal of sparking interest and increase awareness with their current customers, while also drawing engagement and attention from new followers.

In addition, a 1-on-1 social media training plan was created. Over four 2 hours sessions, Tenth Man Marketing provided comprehensive training, templates and tips to leverage social media in a way that works for QLD's business and capacity.


The full analysis and strategy included: 

  • Social media audit, industry opportunities & competitor review

  • Recommendations based on audit including key trends

  • 3 customer personas

  • Recommended key metrics to track

  • 3 overarching content themes & recommendations for monthly topics 

  • Recommended apps for posting/ creating content

  • Recommended copy & image approach, content mix & posting frequency

  • Recommended hashtag approach 

  • 10+ templates, 15 photos and 2 videos (English only)

The 1-on-1 training included:

  • How to track and how to leverage reporting

  • How to build a strategy

  • How to create customer personas

  • How to stay on top of changing trends within social

  • How to incorporate social media into your overall marketing plans, and more.


Grow as a Thought Leader in their Niche

By developing a social strategy, key templates and a full content calendar for QLD they were able to hit the ground running.

Create a Foundation for Acquisition

QLD was able to start building social awareness to create a foundation for growing their business at a later date.

Expand their Marketing Capabilities

Through the 1-on-1 social media training QLD was able to dial up their marketing capabilities by applying cutting-edge knowledge insights, tools, and tactics.

"Tenth Man Marketing! Where to begin...From Social Media and Marketing Strategy to Content Writing and Training. They have been extremely helpful - I've learned so much. With amazing service, I highly recommend them! "

~ April Pena

Marketing & Advertising Manager

QLD Communications

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