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How a Targeted Email Campaign Boosted User Engagement and Retention for Worksheet Shop






The results speak for themselves: Our email campaign achieved a 50%+ open rate (double the industry average) and a 13% click through rate (significantly above the 2.9% Education sector benchmark).

Teacher with Pupils



Worksheet Shop was created by a working mom who found it challenging to find free high quality printable worksheets on the web that were both educational and fun.  Worksheets were either too fuzzy, hard to size for home printing, consumed too much toner, or the content was just not engaging enough for kids.

With that, she created  a resource for parents that’s easy to customize for the individual interests of each child, by simply clicking on easy to print activities with fun themes!

By incorporating learning fundamentals with today’s modern themes, her worksheets offer kids a variety of fun and educational worksheet activities.


Driving Repeat Engagement and Boosting Retention for Worksheet Shop's Newly Launched Website

Worksheet Shop needed to engage users and retain its audience after launching its website. Our challenge was to create a strategy that would effectively communicate with their users and encourage them to return to the site.


A Targeted Email Campaign with a Focus on Relevance and Timing

We partnered with Worksheet Shop to develop a targeted email campaign that focused on delivering relevant content at the right time.


Our strategy ensured that messages were not only being opened but also acted upon. We created a series of automated trigger emails and a monthly newsletter to keep users engaged and informed about new resources and activities.

Our team also conducted a thorough analysis of Worksheet Shop's audience, including their interests and behaviors, to personalize our communications. This helped to increase the relevance of our messages and drive higher engagement. 


The data shows the success of our email campaign. With over 50% email open rates, which is double the average of 21% for all industries according to Mailchimp, and a 13% click-through rate (CTR), our campaign significantly outperformed the benchmark CTR of 2.9% for the Education sector. These impressive results demonstrate the effectiveness of our targeted email strategy in boosting engagement and driving conversions for Worksheet Shop.


50%+ email open rate

which is double the industry average 

13%+ click through rate

significantly above the 2.9% Education sector benchmark according to Mailchimp

Consistent increase in email subscriptions since launch

"Catherine has been an invaluable resource for email and Pinterest support. With her guidance and expertise, I have been able to grow my email list and social media following. She is always willing to share the latest trends in the space, and how it can benefit my business. Catherine has an approach that is truly unique, taking the time to deeply understand the market, my business and its customers."

~ Founder of Worksheet Shop

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