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See the results from a custom-built SEO review and action plan for a local eco-friendly eCommerce company, Mind Your Bees.

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​Mind Your Bees was launched in 2017 by Ashley Shortall in Hamilton, Ontario. Drawing on her background in sustainable agriculture and food security, she developed Mind Your Bees beeswax wraps as the zero-waste eco-friendly food storage alternative. Working with her partner Daniel, Mind Your Bees is dedicated to reducing plastic waste one item at a time.

Their products are a simple, beautiful, and sustainable household solution which allows users and retail customers to increase their positive ecological impact. 


With an increase threat of competition in a unique space, and using an older version of the site, Mind your bees had seen a significant decrease in traffic. 


Tenth Man Marketing developed a customized content and SEO plan focused on relevant high traffic keywords and client serach intent to drive traffic to their site in Canada and the US.


  • Relaunch the website using the latest eCommerce platforms and designs. 

  • Refresh the copy across the site to align to key terms people are searching for now. This required deep keyword research and aligning to user search intent.

  • Including new captivating imagery with proper alt tags.

  • Build a blog content plan  to tap into Ashley's expertise as a chef but also align to key recipe search terms and trends in Canada and the U.S.

  • Design relevant FAQ pages that answer top questions in search that people are looking for.

  • Finally, focusing on optimizing monthly to increase impressions, position and clicks.


130% increase in website traffic

in Canada and the U.S.

500% increase in search clicks

 in the U.S. alone

50%+ increase in page views

25%+ increase in page duration

170%+ increase in new users

Secured NEW SERPs Features

  • People Ask Ask

  • Feature Snippet 

  • Knowledge Panel

  • Image Pack

"Tenth Man Marketing has been a game changer. I have learned so much from Catherine + seen results. We have gained key words, dramatically improved SEO in both US and Canada, translated analytics for more improvements. We have seen a 130% increase in website traffic as well as conversions from her refinement of best practices and updating copy. If you are just starting she will set you up properly, if you are chugging along she will speed you up to where you want to be. Her 15 years of experience is evident after your first consultation I promise."

~ Daniel Tremblay

CEO & Founder

Mind Your Bees