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Designing a Brand Pivot Strategy for Wolf Dottir






See how Tenth Man Marketing designed a brand pivot strategy for an established artist and designer.

Graphic Design



Established in 2016,Wolf Dottir is an artist who creates subversive and irreverent pieces made from repurposed antique china. A contrast between dainty and audacious, giving an ironic twist to classic decor. 


Get trend conscious consumers to consider Wolf Dottir as their lifestyle go-to brand by providing unique products and ideas that fit their personal expression, style and lifestyle wants.


Tenth Man Marketing designed a business pivot  strategy and go-to marketing plan for Wolf Dottir to pivot from production intensive to design focused brand to support their business growth goals.


1) Market Research: Tenth Man Marketing conducted research on Wolf Dottir's ideal customer, top competitors and a full review of their industry, as well as a business audit to uncover key insights and trends.

2) Brand Pivot Strategy: A full brand strategy was created including key customer personas, refreshed brand pillars, and a recommended brand positioning.

3) Go-To Marketing Strategy & Plan: In addition to the brand pivot, a full marketing strategy and plan was built. The plan included:

  • An awareness plan to build momentum through brand hype & excitement

  • Retention strategies to reengage with existing customers  make buying easy for existing customers

  • Acquisition programs to attract new customers

  • A loyalty plan to reward top customers


Create a Foundation for Continued Growth

By developing a brand pivot strategy, Wolf Dottir is able to continue to grow their business in an increasingly competitive marketplace

Expand Capacity In Areas that Matter

By pivoting their business model from production intensive to design, Wolf Dottir is able to grow their product lines and reach new customers

Enhance their Existing Marketing

By building a marketing plan for Wolf Dottir that can expand as they grow, Wolf Dottir is able to focus on the areas that matter first.

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