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33% Increase in Leads & 120% Increase in New Visitors






Without a doubt, the numbers speak volumes: a staggering 120% rise in new visitors and a significant 33% increase in leads due to SEO!

Lawn Mower

SHR Management is a lawn and garden maintenance company based in Dundas, Ontario. Owned and operated by Scott Riley, SHR Management has been providing high-quality lawn, garden, and yard maintenance services in Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton, Oakville, and Toronto for the last few years.


SHR Management was looking to drive growth and increase visibility in their market. They sought our expertise to not only increase their website traffic and generate more leads.


Tenth Man Marketing developed a comprehensive on-page SEO strategy to successfully launch a fully optimized website and Google Business Profile for SHR Management. The website was thoughtfully designed to include SEO-focused service pages, engaging blog posts, and relevant content that strategically drives leads and improves online visibility. Additionally, we revamped the Google business profile to enhance online traffic and maximize reach. Together, these efforts have laid a strong foundation for SHR Management's online presence and growth.

The results speak for themselves: 

Our innovative strategies and effective execution yielded outstanding results for our client:

  • 120% increase in new visitor traffic to the website, expanding their reach and potential customer base.

  • 33% boost in lead generation, enabling our client to capture and nurture quality leads.

  • Ranking for over 500 keywords and growing, further establishing our client as an industry frontrunner.

  • Enhanced brand recognition, with their Google Business Profile moving up in search rankings.

  • Substantial increase in positive customer reviews, bolstering their online reputation and fostering trust among potential customers.


120% increase in new visitors

in less than 2 months from Google

300%+ increase in search clicks

in less than 2 months

33%+ increase in leads

and growing

Secured 90+ NEW SERPs Features

  • People Ask Ask

  • Feature Snippet 

  • Image Pack

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