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Maximizing Your Reach to High-Net-Worth Clients: Beyond the Basics (Digital and More)

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Digital marketing is a powerful tool to attract wealthy clients. In fact, it's one of the best ways to approach high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs). So how can you use digital marketing to get high-net-worth clients? Here are some tips:

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How to Use Digital Marketing for High-Net-Worth Individuals (10 Tips)


Before you can start using digital marketing to reach HNWIs and UHNWIs, it's important to understand the difference between them. The truth is that there isn't a strict definition for each term, but we can define them as follows:

  • HNWI: High Net Worth Individual

  • UHNWI: Ultra-High Net Worth Individual

Both of these phrases refer to people who have at least $5 million or more in investable assets. However, there's one big difference between them. While HNWIs are considered "high net worth," UHNWIs are considered "ultra-high net worth." In other words, even though they both have a net worth of over $5 million dollars, only those with investable assets over $30 million dollars qualify as being part of this group.

Know your audience and be authentic.

The first step to being found is to find out where your target audience is. Create a persona for your audience. Questions like What do they look like? Where do they live? How old are they? are important but it's also important to go beyond demographics. Ask yourself questions to uncover their underlying interest, needs, and most importantly their motivations. Whatever it is that makes this person unique from everyone else in their life—that's something worth focusing on when creating content meant specifically for them.

If you need a template visit our Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Buyer Personas and download our free template. Free Templates).

Effective Communication with High-Net-Worth Clients Online - Financial Advisor Marketing

When you’re marketing to high-net-worth clients, you must be able to stand out from other financial advisors. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a personal brand for your business. A personal brand isn’t something that can just be created overnight; it takes time and effort. You have to be unique in order for clients to remember you, so think about the things that make you unique as an advisor.

This can help build trust with clients because they know it's not just a cookie-cutter approach, but rather an authentic representation of who you are as a business owner and person.

You also need consistency with everything from how people find out about what you do (your website), how they get information about what services/products they can access through your business (social media), and how they interact with those services/products (blog posts).

Here are some tips to help you effectively communicate with HNW clients and build a strong online presence:

Focus on Personalization:

High-net-worth clients are used to a level of personalization and exclusivity, and they expect nothing less when it comes to online communication. To connect with HNW clients online, focus on personalizing your messaging and imagery to cater to their specific needs and interests. This can include creating custom landing pages, using personalized emails, or even creating tailored videos to address their unique challenges and goals.

Use High-Quality Imagery

Showcase Your Expertise

Emphasize Your Unique Differentiators

Catherine Riley - CEO & Founder of Tenth Man Marketing

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  • SEO: Attract more traffic and transform your website into a lead magnet.

  • Content & Social Marketing: Engage your target audience with captivating content.

  • Email Marketing: Drive results and nurture valuable customer relationships.

Unlock the power of your business today! Take action and start attracting your ideal clients.

Your website is the first impression people get of your business online.

Having an effective website is crucial for attracting and retaining high net worth (HNW) clients online. Websites are 24-hour virtual storefronts. Since they're open around the clock, they are of the most important elements of your digital marketing strategy. Websites can be used to:

  • Convert visitors into leads or sales

  • Get HNW prospects to sign up for a newsletter (And later convert to a lead)

  • Make HNW /UHNW prospects aware of your business and see it as a trusted source of financial information

A well-designed website can help to build trust and credibility, establish your brand, and communicate your key differentiators to potential clients. By optimizing your website for search engines (SEO), you can improve its visibility, drive more traffic, and increase conversions. Consider incorporating elements such as engaging images, clear and concise messaging, and calls-to-action to help visitors understand the value of your services. A well-designed website can also provide a platform for showcasing your expertise and providing valuable insights to HNW clients. Whether you're a financial advisor, wealth management firm, or other type of business serving HNW clients, a strong website is essential for success in today's digital marketplace. See below for a quick checklist of items:

  1. User Experience: Ensure that your website is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Focus on creating a positive user experience for visitors.

  2. Mobile Optimization: Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, as more and more people are accessing the internet on their smartphones and tablets.

  3. Content: Ensure that your content is up-to-date, relevant, and valuable to your target audience. Consider incorporating video, images, and infographics to enhance your content.

  4. Design: Evaluate the overall design of your website and make any necessary updates to improve its aesthetic appeal and brand consistency.

  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website for search engines to improve its visibility, drive more traffic, and increase conversions. If you are not sure where your website stands, let's talk about your SEO needs. Reach out today.

  6. Speed: Make sure that your website loads quickly, as slow-loading websites can hurt user experience and reduce conversions.

  7. Calls-to-Action: Make sure that your website includes clear and prominent calls-to-action, such as "Sign up for our newsletter" or "Contact us today."

  8. Analytics: Implement website analytics to track key metrics such as traffic, engagement, and conversions, so you can make informed decisions about future updates.

  9. Security: Ensure that your website is secure, with SSL encryption and regular backups to protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

  10. Testing: Regularly test your website to identify and resolve any issues, such as broken links, missing images, and slow-loading pages. This will help to maintain the overall quality and performance of your website.

Optimize your website for mobile.

Mobile internet users are on the rise and this is especially true for the HNW/UHNW segment. A responsive design is ideal for the best user experience, but if you can't afford it or need more time, make sure any content that is not essential for users to see on their phone or tablet remains out of sight until such time as they switch back to desktop view.

Test your site's mobile friendliness with tools like Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

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Create location pages on your website.

A great way for your website to get found when people are searching in your area is to create location landing pages:

  • Keep it simple! Make sure you only have one page for each location and list the address, phone number, hours of operation, and other relevant information that clients need to know. Use the same URL structure for all pages (e.g.,

  • Include a link to your main website on each page or at least in an "About Us" section so visitors can find out more about you if they're looking at a specific location page (but don't overwhelm them with too many links).

Get reviews

Why are reviews so important? Reviews are considered social proof. Social proof refers to the idea that people are more likely to trust and follow the actions and opinions of others in a given social group. Social proof is important for several reasons:

  1. Credibility: When people see that others have taken a certain action or have a certain opinion, they are more likely to believe that it is credible and trustworthy. This is because they assume that the actions or opinions of others reflect the reality of a situation.

  2. Trust: Social proof can increase trust in a product, service, or brand by demonstrating that others have found it to be valuable and trustworthy.

  3. Decision-making: People often use social proof as a basis for making decisions, especially when they are uncertain or lack information. By observing the actions and opinions of others, they can make more informed decisions.

  4. Influence: Social proof can be a powerful tool for influencing people's behaviors and decisions. For example, if people see that a large number of their peers have purchased a particular product, they may be more likely to purchase it themselves.

  5. Conformity: Social proof can also lead to conformity, as people are more likely to conform to the norms and expectations of their social group.

Starting to gather reviews is simple, just reach out to your clients. You can request reviews through invoices, email updates, or by providing a link to your "Google My Business" review section.

Use social media to your advantage

If you have an online social presence, don’t let it go to waste! Social media is a great way for you to get in touch with potential clients and engage with your audience:

  • Review your presence on social media and see if you're on the right platforms that are relevant to your industry. For example, if you're a financial advisor, using LinkedIn is a great approach.

  • Use keywords that are related to your industry and make sure you have them in the title of each post, as well as in any links that point toward your website's landing page.

  • Include answers to questions people are asking now. At Tenth Man Marketing our unique approach allows you to create content to stay top of mind and be seen as a thought leader. We scour the web each week for questions people are asking, and we build content aligned to these questions to help you get ahead of your competition.

Finally, when considering platforms—as well as all other aspects of digital marketing—think about whether this is something that matches up with your skill set. If not, seek out help from an expert. Tenth Man Marketing can give guidance to implement effective strategies that work for your business. Reach out today.

More and more, financial advisors are turning to content marketing as an effective way to attract new customers

You've heard it before: content marketing is a great way to attract new customers. But that's not all it can do. If you're thinking about using content marketing as a tool for growing your HNW clientele, it's important to understand the many ways in which content marketing can help your business—and why you should consider investing in this strategy.

Content marketing is an effective way to attract new customers because it helps build trust with prospective customers over time, allowing you to establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter related to your products and services.

Additionally, content marketing allows businesses like yours or other businesses serving HNW clients, the opportunity to share information about their expertise with current clients or prospects alike through blogs posts, white papers and eBooks (e.g., "8 Tips To Help Grow Your Wealth"), videos (e.g., "5 Ways To Protect Your Legacy"), podcasts ("The Lifestyle Of A Wealth Management Client"), etc.—all of which are available online at any time for anyone who wishes look them up.

And don't forget if you want to attract high-net-worth clients, you need to make sure your content appeals to them. This means making your content more appealing to wealthy clients by using high-quality images, videos, and infographics.

Use your existing digital network

Another way to find high-net-worth clients is through your network. Use your existing connections and networks to reach out to new potential clients.

For example, if you've had a successful client and they've referred or introduced you to a potential new prospect, reach out via email to express your gratitude for the referral/introduction. You could even reiterate what the person said about how great of an experience they had working with you so that it's clear why they're recommending you in the first place.

You also should use email marketing techniques like automated emails or drip campaigns to help build relationships with potential high-net-worth clients. For example, if someone visits your website and signs up for your newsletter, ensure you have a series of automated welcome emails in place to keep them engaged.

Strategies beyond digital for connecting with HNW and UHNW Individuals

In addition to digital channels, there are several other ways to connect with high net worth (HNW) and ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals in your area. Building relationships with these individuals requires time and patience, as trust must be established over a period of at least six months or more.

Two methods for establishing connections with HNW and UHNW individuals are through networking and community involvement. These strategies can allow you to build relationships and demonstrate your commitment to the community.

  • Networking: Networking: Utilize local events and conferences targeted towards HNW individuals to meet potential clients and build connections. During these events, engage in genuine conversations, listen attentively to their needs, and show a genuine interest in their endeavors. Avoid pushing sales during these interactions and instead focus on building relationships.

  • Community involvement: Get involved in local charities and community organizations that are popular among high-net-worth individuals. This can include volunteering, serving on boards, or making monetary donations. Make sure to attend events and be visible in the community. Use this opportunity to network and connect with potential clients.

Expanding beyond digital channels

  • Referrals: Encouraging referrals from your existing HNW clients or those who have connections with HNW individuals can be a valuable method for reaching new prospects. Be sure to express gratitude for referrals received and keep your clients informed of any updates or developments. For more insights, check out my article on 7 Ideas for Obtaining More Referrals from Clients," as the approach to asking for referrals is crucial.

  • Public speaking: Offer to give talks or presentations on financial planning at local clubs and organizations frequented by high-net-worth individuals. Choose topics that are relevant and of interest to your target audience. Be knowledgeable and engaging, and provide value to your audience. Be sure to have materials on hand to promote your services and collect contact information from attendees.

  • Partnership with luxury businesses: Partner with luxury businesses, that are aligned to your service, to reach high net worth individuals. Offer to provide financial planning services to their customers and employees. Work together to create joint marketing materials and events. This can help you reach a wider audience and build credibility in your local market.

  • Host seminars: Host seminars on financial planning and investment strategies, targeting high net worth individuals in your area. Choose a venue that is appropriate and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Provide guests with informational materials about your services, and have staff on hand to answer questions. Follow up with guests after the event to keep the conversation going.

Direct Mail - Postcards, Letters, Flyers, Thank You Cards and more

Direct mail is a potential method of reaching HNW clients, but it requires careful consideration and planning. To ensure effectiveness, consider sending personalized letters to HNW individuals in your area, showcasing the advantages of working with a financial advisor. Your direct mail piece should be visually appealing and professional, using high-quality paper and printing techniques, and a personalized message. To maximize its impact, follow up with a phone call to answer any questions and schedule a consultation.

Factors to Consider When Creating Print Materials for HNW Clients

  • Quality: The print material should be of high quality, using premium materials such as thick paper or card stock, high-end printing techniques, and elegant design.

  • Branding: The print material should be consistent with your brand, using your logo, color scheme, and messaging in a cohesive manner.

  • Personalization: Consider adding personal touches, such as the recipient's name or a personalized message, to make the material feel more personal and special. I have found that adding a handwritten signature to a printed piece can elevate it.

  • Functionality: The print material should be functional and serve a specific purpose, such as a business card that is easy to carry or a thank-you card that is easily recognizable.

  • Messaging: The messaging should be clear and concise, highlighting the benefits of working with you as a financial advisor and showcasing your expertise.

  • Simplicity: The design should be simple and uncluttered, focusing on the key elements that are important to your target audience.

  • Timelessness: The print material should have a timeless quality that will not become outdated quickly, so that you can use it for a longer period of time.

  • Relevance: The print material should be relevant to the needs and interests of high net worth individuals, highlighting the services that are most relevant to their financial goals.

  • Professionalism: This one goes without saying , be sure the print material should be professional, presenting you and your business in a positive and credible manner.

What else should be considered?

  • Accessibility: Consider making your print material accessible to individuals with disabilities, such as using larger font sizes or adding Braille to business cards.

  • Environmental impact: Consider the environmental impact of the materials you use, such as using recycled paper or eco-friendly printing methods.

  • Language: If you are targeting a multi-lingual audience, consider creating versions of your print material in different languages to reach a wider audience.

  • Call to action: Make sure to include a clear call to action in your print material, such as a request to schedule a consultation or to visit your website.

  • Tracking: Consider adding unique codes or tracking numbers to your print material to track its effectiveness and make data-driven decisions about your marketing efforts

By taking these additional considerations into account, you can create thank you letters, business cards and more that are not only effective, but also inclusive, sustainable, and responsive to the needs of your target audience.


There you have it, a brief but comprehensive overview of how to use digital marketing (and beyond) to get high-net-worth clients. I

If you want more information on how we can help with this process, contact us today!

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